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Introducing Cover Letter AI

The ultimate tool for crafting the perfect cover letter

Using modern large language models, our AI-powered tool helps you write professional and personalized cover letters in any language in just minutes

How it works

Upload your CV

Paste your CV as text or upload the CV & covert it into text & save it.

Fill out initial information

Fill out information such as company name, job description, writing style, skills to focus on.

Keep on iterating until happy with the result

Create multiple versions of the cover letter until you find one that you are satisfied with, then edit it and generate additional versions until you are happy with the final result.

Data stays private

The information you provide when creating a cover letter, such as the job description and company name, will remain private. We do not store any of this data on our servers.

People love us

You're in good company

See why over 9400+ users use Cover Letter AI

Cover Letter AI remarkably shortens the tiring process of writing cover letters. Based on the parameters that you can set as a user and the information from your CV, it creates quite impressive cover letters referring to skills, previous jobs and interests. Based on the suggestions, it's much easier to write a cover letter, taking the output of Cover Letter AI as a foundation for some fine tuning in wording and length.

Sascha K. - B.Sc. Computer Science

Cover Letter AI makes it easier to iterate different writing styles using different creativity paramters and then I can pick & choose between the different outputs in order to get to my perfect cover letter. This app has been a blessing in disguse.

Damini Y. - Business Analyst

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